Beauty and Makeup

While there’s a certain inimitable joy to walking into your favourite beauty store, swathing lipsticks, spritzing yourself with perfume, and meticulously scanning the rows of products, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by an endless supply of options to choose from. The basic “sort by” function, beauty websites are now, more than ever, equipped with shade-matching tools, detailed product descriptions, and the option to return or refund easily, making shopping online more tempting than ever. From eco-friendly indie brands to those that have been around for decades, read below for the best places to shop for beauty products online.

Before attempting to find the right products and buy makeup online, you will need to know what you’re looking for. Every site offers something different, and it can get frustrating browsing the web for hours on end only to come out empty handed. 

There are 2 makeup sites in particular that are known by makeup lovers and MUAs as being one-stop-shops: 

  • Sephora 
  • Ulta

Which are known to have tons of products for different needs. You can go to their websites and, in one visit, find all the nail polish, creams, masks, hair products and styling tools you need.